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Meritech's Growth During COVID-19 Featured on CBS4 Denver

by Meritech, on May 7, 2021 9:09:29 AM

Meritech's VP of Sales and Marketing Will Eaton and Paul Barnhill the Chief Technology Officer were featured on CBS4 News Denver Thursday night. Their interview with Jeff Todd focused on the growth Meritech has seen during COVID-19 as more industries focus on the importance of handwashing and have adopted stricter hand hygiene protocols as a result of the pandemic.  

Jeff Todd reached out to Meritech after learning about their CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations, which have been in high demand during the last year as more businesses improve their hand hygiene protocols.

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This demand for handwashing has increased the size of the Meritech sales, service and manufacturing teams: “Over 200% growth. We tripled the size of our sales team. We had to redesign our manufacturing floor to be able to add more workstations to keep up with the demand,” said Eaton.


For over 30 years Meritech has helped companies successfully improve handwashing at their facilities, especially in the food processing and healthcare markets. Now, with handwashing being top of mind for more businesses Meritech is working more with public spaces like restaurants and airports to ensure the health and safety of their guests. 

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“A year and a half ago restaurants were looking more for the back of the house for their employees to make sure their hands are clean. After the pandemic that transitioned to the front of the house for the patrons coming in to feel more comfortable coming into an establishment,” said Meritech VP of Sales and Marketing Will Eaton.

In depth coverage is featured on the CBS Denver Website. You can read the full story here.

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