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Meritech Announces Steps Taken to Protect Employees and Customers from Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

by Meritech, on Mar 16, 2020 3:06:15 PM

GOLDEN, Colo., March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Meritech is taking additional safety precautions to protect the health of their employees, customers, and community and to maintain the same level of quality human hygiene services they have always delivered.

"For almost 30 years, Meritech has lived by a core value of making the world a healthier and safer place by redefining human hygiene. This enduring mission guides us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic on Wednesday March 11," said Meritech CEO David Duran.

"This is a time when we must do all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19, protect our most vulnerable populations, and reduce their potential to acquire or spread this virus," said Mr. Duran. "These are very practical precautions and now, not later, is the time to act."

Today, Meritech implemented a number of precautionary measures to further protect their employees and customers:

  • Any employee that is feeling sick is required to stay home until their symptoms are gone
  • All employees will be provided sick leave benefits and remote work flexibility
  • Access to Meritech's offices will be restricted to employee-assigned badges
  • A flow-controlled hygiene zone at the employee entrance of the Meritech office facility will be strictly enforced to limit cross-contamination touchpoints and will require the use of a CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station prior to entering
  • Employees are required to sanitize workstations and tools upon arriving to work, continually throughout the day, and before leaving work
  • Employees are required to wash hands in a CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station upon arriving to work, every hour after arriving to work, before and after breaks, and before leaving work
  • Employees are encouraged to keep a healthy distance from others and to avoid touching their faces; absolutely no physical contact of any kind is allowed
  • All nonessential business travel will be dismissed
  • When business travel and customer visits are deemed absolutely necessary, additional safety precautions will be made to ensure the health of our employees and customers

"Our handwashing technology empowers the businesses we serve, like food manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, medical technology manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, cruise lines, restaurants, grocery stores, and offices, to make their environments safer by providing access to the perfect hand wash," said Meritech CTO Paul Barnhill. "So with the added threat of the coronavirus pandemic, it has never been more important for us to be able to deliver the same level of quality to our valued customers that we always have. We are confident in the safety measures we are taking, but if conditions should arise that would impact our ability to deliver this same quality service, we will promptly notify customers."

Meritech has created a web resource for gaining real-time updates on the coronavirus outbreak as well as resources for protecting yourself, family, business, and community. Visit to learn more and subscribe to Meritech's website and social media pages for more health and safety resources.

"Let's keep each other safe by responding responsibly," said Mr. Duran. "Facts over fear. Clean Hands. Open Hearts."

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Meritech makes the perfect hand wash easy, effective, and eco-friendly so that together, we can make the world a healthier and safer place. We are the inventors and sole manufacturers of CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations, the world's only technology clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens with each 12-second hand wash cycle. For almost 30 years Meritech has manufactured their innovative automated hygiene technology 100% in the USA and has served businesses across many industries including food processing, healthcare, medical, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, food service, retail, cruise lines, education, cannabis, and government. 

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