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Gloving 101: Resources for Improved Hand Hygiene & Safety

Collaborating to advance hygiene and food safety, Meritech and Eagle Protect contributed their particular expertise to create educational resources intended to share and strengthen hand hygiene best practices and disposable glove selection and management. In this effort to spread awareness around the nuances of gloving we developed various blog articles, a podcast, and an eBook. You can find all the resources below and please reach out with any questions or comments.

The Wash Podcast: A Discussion with Gloving Expert Steve Ardagh

Welcome to The Wash, your trusted resource for the latest and greatest in public health and hygiene, where we will tackle topics like hand hygiene, best practices in footwear sanitization, creating an employee hygiene program, and more! In this week's episode, we invite Paul Barnhill, the Chief Technology Officer and head engineer here at Meritech, and Steve Ardagh, founder of Eagle Protect to discuss gloving. There is quite a bit of misinformation out there so we hope to debunk those myths and provide some clarity around the subject.

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Dive Deeper: Gloving 101 eBook

Gloving is widely used practice, but there is a lot of misinformation out there leading to improper use. These issues can cause serious cross-contamination risks and greatly decrease the protection the gloves provide. Take a look at the eBook Eagle Protect and Meritech co-authored so you can get the most out of your gloves. In this piece of literature you can find valuable information about glove selection, materials, manufacturing practices, disposal, and more. Additionally, you can read of the importance of proper handwashing in the gloving process and how to increase compliance by developing a culture of hygiene.