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On-demand webinar premiere on May 24th at 8 am MST

Webinar: Why Automated Hygiene for Food Safety

This webinar features presentations from Meritech hygiene experts, Will Eaton, Scott Jones, and Alison Smith. Connect with them on Linkedin Below!

Consistent pathogen removal is an important part of food safety; unfortunately, manual hygiene methods leave too much room for mistakes. In this webinar, our hygiene experts use success stories from our customers to explain how with automated hygiene, you can:

  • Remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens every hand wash
  • Standardize hygiene processes for consistent results across your business 
  • Develop a culture with food safety at its center 
  • Showcase your commitment to food safety & employee health 
  • Cut time needed for hygiene steps in half 
  • Waste zero water and hygiene solutions 

During the webinar, we'll share how companies like HelloFresh, Pecan Deluxe, Elmer Candy and Honey Smoked Fish Company have leveraged automated hygiene at their organizations, but in the meantime, check out how others have seen success with our automated hygiene technology here

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