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The XFA Footwear Hygiene System is a fully automated walk-through sanitizing pan for any type of footwear. Ideal for clean room and food production facility entrances, this shoe sanitizing station is designed for facility entrances, production areas, and other environments where fast but effective footwear hygiene is critical.  


Meritech's line of boot scrubbers for food production companies are constructed in heavy-duty stainless steel that is easy to clean. Proven to help improve plant sanitation and employee hygiene, Meritech's walk-thru boot sanitizing stations


  • Are easy to install & simple to operate
  • Require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean
  • Ensure effective sanitization contact time
  • Quick 1-minute fill & prime cycle
  • Automatically recharges & maintains effective PPM level of sanitizing chemical
Is the XFA Footwear Hygiene System the right footwear sanitizing choice for you? Request a free consultation to find out today!