Meritech is the Gold Standard in Employee Hygiene.


The CleanTech 400 Series Hand Sanitizer Machine is designed for precision point of use application for small to medium sized operations and has been a success in rest rooms, break rooms, laboratories and restaurants..  This handwashing station features an optional faucet for convenience when dual use sinks are needed and allows for easy debris removal. Designed for frequent use, the CleanTech 400 holds two, 4 Liter containers of soap allowing for 1,600 hand washes before soap replacement is needed.

At Meritech, we supply many sizes and types of industries with a variety of automated hand washing stations that help ensure the safety of your products - protecting your brand and protecting your customers. As with every Meritech automatic hand wash system, the precision hand cleanliness provided by the 40 individual nozzles reduces pathogen transmission by 99.98%.  Our automated hand washing systems: 


  • Increase hand wash compliance by over 400%
  • Eliminate  99.98% of dangerous pathogens
  • Use  75% less water
  • Exceed  SQF, BRC & cGMP standards
  • Come with a Five-Year Parts Warranty 

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