Meritech's XFA Shoe Sanitizing System

XBW High-Volume Industrial Boot Scrubber

MBW 9000 Boot Scrubber Station

MBW 3000 Compact Boot Scrubber

MBW Soles Only Boot Scrubber Station

Meritech’s MBW boot scrubber washes and sanitizes the soles of work shoes and boots, even those with laces. MBW boot scrubbers clean boots at plant entrances and provides cross contamination control between processing operations. The MBW Meritech Boot Scrubber is designed for wet, industrial environments. They are ideal for use in specialty markets like dairy and wet food production environments, and agricultural applications.

CleanTech® 400 for Small & Medium-Sized Operations

The CleanTech 400 Series hand sanitizer machine and is designed for precision point of use application for small to medium sized operations. As with every Meritech hand wash systems, the precision hand cleanliness provided by the 40 individual nozzles reduces pathogen transmission by 99.98%. The hand wash system also works to reduce water/soap consumption, waste…

Food Production Automated Hygiene Overview

Meritech is the world leader in automated hand and boot washing equipment. Meritech’s complete line of NSF-certified, fully-automated hand and boot scrubbing machines offer a technology-based approach to employee hygiene. For over 20 years, Meritech’s CleanTech automated hand and boot washing equipment has helped companies with their employee hygiene and infection prevention programs in a…

MBW 3000 Automated Boot Scrubber Station

This is one of 4 models in the Meritech boot scrubbing line. The MBW 3000 features 3″ vertical brushes, photoeye operation, optional bi-directional, adjustable sole depth, adjustable cycle time, ready indicator light, tool-less brush removal, emergency stop, soap empty indicator light, soap empty audible alarm, and a 20 liter soap container.

Boot Scrubber Demo: MBW Soles Only

MBW Soles Only Boot Scrubber for industrial food manufacturing plants. Manufactured in Golden, CO USA by Meritech.

CleanTech® 4000S High-Volume Handwashing Station

The CleanTech 4000S auto hand washing series is a multi-station version of the popular 2000S units and is designed for high volume hand washing and sanitizing applications where precision cleaning of multiple people is required. The three hand cleaning stations of the 4000S are housed in a common stainless steel frame, but operate independently. The…

CleanTech® 2000S Industrial Handwashing Station Demo

The Meritech CleanTech 2000 auto hand washing series works in any workplace environment, from clean rooms to high traffic industrial settings. The 2000 automatic hand washing model is available with many options providing a high degree of flexibility to meet specific user needs. The 2000S Series utilizes the patented Meritech hand hygiene technology to provide…

CleanTech® 500EZ Wall-Mounted Handwashing Station

The Cleantech 500EZ is our newest entry into the automated hand washing market. Utilizing patented Meritech automatic hand sanitizing technology, the 500 series hand wash units provide outstanding cleaning efficacy and benefits of the entire CleanTech series, at an affordable price. The 500 EZ is designed for speed and precision, and can accommodate 5 people…

Automated Handwashing for Healthcare

The CleanTech® Automated Hand Washing System offers a 12 second cycle that washes, sanitizes, and rinses both hands automatically in separate cylinders. As cylinders rotate, 40 spraying jets spiral to clean fingertips, hands, wrists, and under fingernails. The CleanTech® shorter process has been clinically proven to leave hands 99.98% free of transient pathogens and keeps…

Automated Handwashing Stations Overview

For over 20 years, Meritech, Inc., has helped thousands of companies prove they are serious about effectively eliminating infectious workplace pathogens in the most demanding workplace environments. Our complete line of SQF Standards hand and boot washing products offers the most innovative, cost saving and compliant automated hand and boot sanitizing technology in the market….