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Infographic: A Comparison of Manual vs. Automated Handwashing

July 29,2019 | by Jennifer Taylor, MBA

The Power of Automation, Hand Hygiene, Hygiene in Food Processing, infographics

All around us exist harmful pathogens that cause illness and infection, and they are most commonly spread by human hands and feet. No matter how stringent your hand washing procedures and SSOPs are, humans are prone to variability and error, resulting in poor hand hygiene and increased risk of spreading pathogens. That’s why Meritech invented CleanTech®: automatic handwashing technology that guarantees proper hygiene to reduce the spread of infection and harmful pathogens. 

So how does CleanTech® guarantee improved hand hygiene? The secret is in the automation! The below infographic illustrates the differences between a traditional manually-conducted hand wash and an automated one conducted in a CleanTech® system. 

Want to learn more about hand hygiene best practices? Visit our blog and listen to episode 1 of our new podcast series The Wash where we will discuss topics like hand hygiene, best practices in footwear sanitization, creating an employee hygiene program, and more!

Manual vs Automated Handwashing infographic

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The Wash Podcast: Hand Hygiene 101 in Food Processing

July 1,2019 | by Jennifer Taylor, MBA

Hand Hygiene, Podcasts, Hygiene in Food Processing

Welcome to The Wash, your trusted resource for the latest and greatest in public health and hygiene, where we will tackle topics like hand hygiene, best practices in footwear sanitization, creating an employee hygiene program, and more!

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The Importance of Hand Hygiene in Reducing Cross Contamination

May 15,2018 | by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene

Everyone understands the importance of good hand hygiene, but the reality is that out in the real world… most people don’t understand the power of hand hygiene to reduce the spread of disease.

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Importance of Automated Employee Hygiene in Food Processing and Packaging

April 9,2018 | by Jil Di Rito

The Power of Automation, Footwear Hygiene, Hand Hygiene, Hygiene in Food Processing

Most food production and packaging professionals understand the importance of good hand hygiene, but how many understand the potential pitfalls of even the most strictly enforced SOP’s?

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Tips to Fend-Off Germs of Coughing Coworkers in the Office

January 20,2015 | by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene, Hygiene in Public Spaces

It’s the height of flu season, and just trying to avoid coughing co-workers in the office or plant facility may not be enough to stave off a case of the flu. Bad bugs can spread very quickly through the workplace.

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Cruise Ship Hygiene – Don’t Be the Next Big News Story

December 19,2014 | by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene, Hygiene on Cruise Ships

According to the American Association of Port Authorities and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, cruises are a $37.85 billion industry in the United States, with the annual number of cruise passengers averaging well over 20 million. That’s a lot of people willing to be isolated with their new closest friends on a boat in the middle of the ocean. With all of these bodies in one relatively small space for days at a time, the chances for spreading germs around are high. The spread of norovirus is typically associated with cruise ships because the close living quarters increases the amount of group contact. Most of us have heard of the recent virus outbreaks on cruise lines, so how can you prevent being the next big news story involving wide-spread illness on a cruise ship? Other than choosing not to cruise, take a look at these cruise ship hygiene tips, including cruise ship hand washing and ways cruise lines can improve their VSP scores.

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Hand Sanitizers: Convenient Isn't Always Effective

December 4,2014 | by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene, Hygiene in Healthcare

The Unhealthy Habit

There are few items more ubiquitous than the little bottle of hand sanitizer clipped to a purse or student backpack, the big jug of it in the workplace or classroom, and even dispensers in medical offices or supermarkets. However, the dangers of hand sanitizers are not well known, even to the people who depend on them to help stop transmission of some of the most dangerous pathogens known to the medical profession.

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The History of Hand Washing Compliance

November 26,2014 | by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene

Hands and History

The definition of hygiene would be different in each century you go back to over the course of human history. For a Roman of the first century, cleanliness meant soaking for hours in baths of various temperatures, scraping the body with a metal scraping blade, and applying olive oil to the skin.

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Living Healthy: Hand Washing Tips

October 7,2014 | by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene

We all remember what we learned in elementary school: Wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom. It's as adults that we let important lessons slide or take short cuts, but as cold and flu season approaches, it's time to revisit this very basic topic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, washing your hands with soap and water is the most important and most effective step in preventing the spread of contagious diseases, both inside and outside of clinical settings. At home, at work or anywhere in your day, it's a good idea to keep your hands clean. Simple hand washing tips can help keep you and everyone around you from exposure to such pathogens as Norovirus, MRSA and even the H1N1 influenza virus that cannot be eradicated as thoroughly with hand sanitizer as with soap, water and proper hand washing.  It is important to note that gel hand sanitizers should only be used when soap and water is not available.

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