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Listeria Strikes Again & FDA Prosecutes

Listeria Strikes Again - Cheese Company Prosecuted, Pleads Guilty

The FDA is here to take a stand against companies that do not safeguard public health, plain and simple. And this cheese company for was banned from commerce because of sanitation issues and finding Listeria contamination in multiple locations of the facility. Read article here Read Article Here

Chipotle's Woes Continue - No Conspiracy; Food Safety Culture to Blame

Conspiracy theorists would like to turn this story into something juicier than it is, but really it comes down to an internal food safety culture- you have it or you don't. Read Article Here

USDA's Final Standards for Salmonella and Campylobacter in Poultry - Stricter, but Consumers Still Vulnerable

"These standards will help to address an antiquated testing protocol and shine a light on companies that need to clean up their act." Read Article Here

Consumer Definition of Food Safety Is Changing; Food Companies Need to Change

Is your brand up to the standards of a more educated consumer, one who has an expanded view of Food Safety? "Americans no longer define the concept of food safety based on near-term risks to their health..." Read Article Here

6 Foods That Food Safety Experts Never Eat

Having won over $600 million in foodborne-illness cases worth over $600 million, this expert says some foods are not worth the risks. We all assume oysters can be iffy, but are your favorite foods on the list? Read Article Here

Use By/Sell By Dates and What They Really Mean To Your Family

We've all done the "smell test" on milk, but when is it still safe to eat and drink foods that have been around awhile? And interestingly enough, when it comes to "Use By," "Sell By," or "Best By" dates or labels on food products, the FDA does not have any laws that prohibit sale of food that is past the expiration date. Read Article Here