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Food Safety News October 2015

7 Warning Signs You Won't Pass a Food Safety Audit

If your facility doesn't foster a food safety culture from senior management on down, you're doomed. Management must demonstrate its commitment to food safety and reward excellence. But there are 6 other warning signs that are vital to your brand's survival. Read Article Here

Food Safety Changes Imminent in Canada - Are You Ready?

Now is the time to ensure you have developed a solid food safety plan as new regulations come into effect in Canada. Food Processors in B.C. have only until March to implement formal Food Safety plans. Read Article Here

Strong Personal Hygiene Practices Are a Sign of a Strong Food Safety Culture

One area of business that could use the most improvement is better awareness of personal hygiene, especially at convenience stores and any where food is prepared. Proper handwashing stops the spread of disease and can save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention. Read Article Here

Fall Break May Be the Needed Help to Stop Massive Norovirus Outbreak in Nevada

Over 1,760 staff members and students at 20 different Nevada schools have contracted Norovirus recently and officials hope Fall Break will help stop the outbreak. Health officials claim that none of this would have occurred had families been able to follow simple safety tips, like proper handwashing. Read Article Here

Shigella Outbreak in California Underscores How Easily It Can Spread, Extremely Contagious

Shigella bacteria spreads quickly when infected employees don't wash their hands, especially if that infected employee is a food handler. Over 150 customers of one restaurant are very sick because an employee didn't wash hands. Read Article Here

Petfood Industry May Have Better Food Safety Than People Food!

While we're now in an era of producing some of the safest, most nutritious petfood products, a handful of recalls continue. Learn what the petfood industry is doing to improve safety and reduce recalls. Read Article Here

Weird Ways Pathogens Are Able to Grow on RTE Food - Caramel Apples Case Study

New research about the caramel apples that caused seven deaths due to Listeria contamination shed light on what caused this dangerous outbreak. Read Article Here

Your Workplace Is A Lot Dirtier Than You Think

At work, germs are literally lurking everywhere - posing a risk to your health but also overall productivity. Find out where the germiest places are at your office. Read Article Here

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