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Food Safety News February 2015

Foodborne Illness Can Become a Lifelong Battle

Rarely do we hear or see the long-term effects foodborne illnesses can have on a person's body, but there are some serious complications that can become a lifelong battle... Read Article Here

Walmart Ups the Ante on Food Safety

Walmart has recently made big food safety news. Frank Yiannas, VP of Food Safety for Walmart, sat down with Meat+Poultry Magazine for an exclusive Q&A covering this latest news and Walmart's overall food safety protocols for meat and poultry products in its 4,000+ US stores... Watch Interview Here.

The Scary Reason Your Kids' Lunch Bags Might Be Unsafe

Alarming news for moms and dads: Many of the insulated packs kids use to carry their lunch to school don't keep food at safe temperatures. Read Article Here

Norovirus is Leading Foodborne Bug in the USA

CDC estimates that Noroviruses cause +21 million cases of acute gastroenteritis annually, making it the leading cause of foodborne illness in adults in the United States... Read More Here

Poor Hygiene Blamed for Hepatitis A in Frozen Berries

Poor hygiene is being blamed for the alleged contamination of frozen berries with Hepatitis A. The most likely culprit is poor hygiene at the site of production. Read Article Here

Which Cut of Meat Least Likely to Make You Sick?

When it comes to foodborne illness risk, steaks, cold cuts, and chicken nuggets are not created equal. Read More Here

Delis Are Dirtier Than You Think

Manufacturing has a zero-tolerance policy for Listeria, but that's not the case at the retail level. Developing systematic hygiene and sanitation procedures for delis - which are not as strictly regulated as processing plants - makes Listeria much harder to control. Read Article Here

Proposal for Single Food Safety Agency Faces Strong Opposition

The Obama administration's proposal to create a new food safety agency within the Department of Health and Human Services is wildly unpopular, as many believe it will undermine efforts to protect Americans from unsafe or tainted food. Read More Here

Listeria Outbreak from Caramel Apples: Final CDC Update

Between October and January, 35 people in 12 states were sickened. Of these, 34 people were hospitalized and Listeriosis contributed to at least three of seven deaths reported.... Read More on This