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Handwashing Habits: 3 Basics of Employee Hygiene R-R-R

March 15,2016| by Paul Barnhill

Hand Hygiene

This is the first post in a series we're doing on ways your company can improve hand hygiene habits across your company, from employees on the production line to managers.

No matter what kind of facility or environment, employee hygiene comes down to a few key things that are not easily measured or simple. Many have ranted and raved about 'creating a food safety culture' as critical for improving hygiene. But how exactly does a food safety culture boil down?

Fundamentally, it's about encouraging each and every employee to develop better hand health habits. As humans, we're preset to move towards what feels good and away from what doesn't work within our value system or self- identification….

Ok so enough with Psychology 101 class. What does this stuff on human habits his mean for you and your business? As leaders for employee hygiene can design better incentives that reward or repulse habit development. We've put together a few suggestions from Meritech's 20+ years experience improving our customers’ success. For simplicity these boil down to three easy to remember concepts… and even easier they all start with R…

  • Recognize: the Gold standard* of hygiene in your facility with training. But most importantly, make sure employees are fully informed and aware of the expectations for hygiene at the outset before they even step foot on the production floor.
  • Remind: Take advantage of all opportunities to show and encourage good hygiene habits. These are simple nudges like signs or employee buttons. Or, encourage employees to sport one of Meritech's "Have you washed your hands?" pins.
  • Reward: Once improvements are made and handwashing habits are becoming second nature, give positive reinforcement to recognize these changes and highlight the benefits of healthy hands for your company’s community.


Follow these 'RRR' R-R-R your way to better employee hygiene


We'd love to hear from you about the habits that help keep your hands healthy and clean all day every day.

You can always give us a call for free consultation or Meritech handwashing system demos to improve employee hygiene in your facility. 

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