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Meritech will be exhibiting at the global IFT event from June 2-5 in New Orleans, LA and we invite you to be our guest. 

Professionals in the food and beverage industry understand that without an effective employee hygiene program, sneaky pathogens can find their way into production zones and compromise the safety and quality of the food they're offering to consumers—which can ultimately lead to sickness or  death.

In the US alone, there were 382 food product recalls last year which means on average, there was at least one recall a day! That's why we're passionate about preventing production zone contamination by ensuring a clinically-validated GMP employee hygiene protocol with CleanTech. Our fully automated systems remove the variability of human behavior and compliance from the hand washing process, ensuring that 99.9% of pathogens are removed EVERY TIME! 


Stop by Booth #1700 in New Orleans to visit with our team of HACCP certified employee hygiene experts!

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