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We want your feedback for
the next generation of CleanTech®

Influence the next generation of CleanTech®

Thank you for your interest in joining our focus group! Meritech is a dynamic organization and for us to innovate, we need the support and input of industry leaders who all have a key stake in the implementation of proper hygiene. 

During this event on November 17th you will: 

  • Preview the next generation of Meritech equipment
  • Provide feedback on your previous equipment experience (if applicable) 
  • Become eligible for a field testing model to provide more tailored feedback
  • Hotel and flight reimbursed

The outcome of this program is to ensure the next generation of hygiene equipment from Meritech will exceed the needs of your organization. Therefore, the Meritech team invites you to participate in our focus group. Your advice and insight into the design, function and features of CleanTech® will be invaluable.

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November 16th: 

  • Flights into Denver, CO & Check into the hotel
  • 7pm - Welcome Dinner


November 17th: 

  • 8am - Breakfast & Facility Tour
  • 9am - Preview new CleanTech® systems
  • 10am - Focus group begins
  • 12pm - Lunch provided at Golden HQ
  • 2pm - Focus group ends
  • Transportation from Golden HQ to Denver airport

Participants are welcome to travel home this evening or join us for happy hour and dinner. 


November 18th: 

  • Transportation from hotel to Denver airport 




Field Testing

  • For the field testing portion of this commitment, we will ask for you to install the equipment at your facility
  • The field-testing component will start roughly 2 – 3 months after the focus group meeting.
  • During field testing we will ask you to provide feedback on a few short surveys over the course of 4 weeks.
  • Upon completion of the surveys you will be retaining ownership of the next generation equipment as a token of appreciation for your time and feedback.


We will provide a one night stay at the Origin Hotel at Red Rocks just a few minutes away from the Meritech HQ.

Transportation & Meals

We will be providing breakfast and lunch during the focus group event. 

Transportation to and from Denver Airport, the Origin Hotel and Meritech HQ will be provided.